Reminiscing our digital transformation with HokuApps

19 Oct 2022

We are proud that this year marks the four-year anniversary of our strategic partnership with HokuApps, a global player in the next generation enterprise mobility solutions.

To celebrate this significant milestone, we are excited to look back at our accomplishments and discovery made possible by our fruitful partnership as we mark this special occasion.

From creating Busy Bees Asia’s first Quality Excellence Audit mobility solution in 2018 to building an observational tool for Bright Path Specialised Care in 2021, we are grateful that the working partnership with HokuApps allows us to accelerate our digital transformation for our early childhood educators.

With the strong belief that every child deserves an equal footing in education, Busy Bees Asia and the Bright Path Inclusive team developed Bright Path Specialised Care. Leveraging the capabilities of our in-house Education Specialised Team, we aim to create an inclusive learning environment for all children, including those with special needs.

The observational tool application built by HokuApps for Bright Path Specialised Care allows the teachers to conduct school observations and create Individualised Education Plans (IEP) for children, where Busy Bees early childhood educators can now input and recommend various strategies based on observations and teacher feedback, assisting them in coming up with effective ways to support the child in all areas of development.

"At Busy Bees Asia, we are constantly looking to streamline our processes and enhance the for our staff, children and families. Our partnership with HokuApps is a great example of this commitment to continual improvement; this is something especially important to us especially with the past four years seeing incredible growth within our organisation," said Jason Khoo, Senior Manager, IT Enterprise System at Busy Bees Asia.

It was definitely an enjoyable journey with HokuApps thus far and we look forward to more digital transformations in the future.

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