Giving every child the best start in life

That’s the Busy Bees ethos which aligns with her launch of the CSR initiative, Knowledge Access.

Knowledge Access believes every child deserves an equal opportunity regardless of socioeconomic background or learning ability, and can be successful in their own right. Its strategy embodies Busy Bees’ philosophy of putting the child first in everything we do, actively reaching out and bringing change to children below six, one child at a time.

Knowledge Access supports vulnerable children especially from less-privileged families or with special needs through attending high-quality nurseries - including an all-inclusive preschool with integrated therapies. We believe that with the right resources, training and expertise, families’ lives can be transformed.

Means test: Household income of up to $4,000 or per capita income of up to $1,000

If you know of someone in need, reach out to us.
+65 6501 7575

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