HoneyKids Asia Education Awards Winner 2022

16 Nov 2022

Congratulations to our winners - The Principal of the Year, Belinda Chong of PATs Schoolhouse as well as The Teacher of the Year, Evon Tan from Brighton Montessori!

Look at what they have to say as they reminisce on their journey thus far.

The Principal Of The Year: Belinda Chong

I have been a centre principal for 2 years, with 5 consecutive years in Pats. Before Pat’s, I took a teaching year with a government supported kindergarten. I came back to Pat’s because of the family culture, it offered me the flexibility to hone my pedagogical skills and enabled me to also be the happy explorer with the children.

How did you go above and beyond in terms of your service to parents or as a principal?

Making the time to be present wholly with all stakeholders seems like a simple thing to do. But it is so easy to get lost in all the sea of administrative work. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but being there for the people who trusts and needs you are what matters.

Is there anything you wish to highlight in your career as a principal in PSH?

The growth was nothing like I ever expected. I knew it will be a big transition from teaching to leadership, but I did not expect it to unlock my full potential. It took time to remind myself on my own values and purpose because you will be asked to be many things.

The Teacher Of the Year Award: Evon Tan

When I first joined Brighton Montessori in 2017, the company had just started our school at River Valley. I was fortunate to be assigned with a wonderful principal and a few other teachers to help set up the new school.

What are some of the good qualities you have as a teacher?

I strongly believe in good communication and have an affinity for forming close bonds with the children. With this strength, I therefore craft my lessons to not only educate but also be engaging, by include an element of positive fun to liven the classroom atmosphere and encourage children to fall in love with learning.

How did you go above and beyond in terms of your service to parents or as a teacher?

As a teacher, I always give my 100% when it comes to teaching and doing my part for the school and shaping the lives of the young children. As I subscribe to the notion of our children being the key to the future, I believe in going the extra mile to truly care for and influence the children positively.