Busy Bees Webinar Week: The Best Start in Life (From Home)

21 May 2020


Singapore may be exiting the circuit breaker phase, but this does not mean a return to pre-COVID-19 norms. What can parents of young children do to navigate the new normal?

Join a panel of early childhood education experts from Busy Bees Asia at The Best Start in Life (From Home) as they share their know-how on a variety of topics, ranging from incorporating music and STEM to empowering children, helping them focus on tasks, and fun activities to do with them at home. Register now – the first 50 registrants will receive an exclusive Busy Bees enrichment pack (with 4-weeks’ worth of activities) for free! Plus, enjoy registration fees waiver when you sign up at our Busy Bees' centres!


Happening 27-29 May! Register now!


Busy Bees Webinar Week: The Best Start in Life (From Home) Line Ups


27 May

  • Building Resilience in Children [Sharen Ong from Odyssey The Global Preschool]
  • How to Keep Children Focused, the Brighton Montessori Way [Pauline Yong from Brighton Montessori]
  • Primary School Prep: STEM and Its Relevance [Sendy from Learning Horizon]


Building Resilience in Children

All children are capable of working through challenges and coping with stress. However, we believe this is not enough for children to efficiently overcome the challenges they face. This is where resilience comes in. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, challenges and even trauma.

Speaker: Sharen Ong

Sharen holds a Masters in Special Educational Needs (University of South Wales), a Post-graduate Certificate in Specific Learning Differences (London Metropolitan University), and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Singapore University of Social Sciences). With extensive experience in the field as an Educational Therapist for over 10 years, she believes that all children are unique and must have a safe and stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. In her role at Odyssey, she shares her insights and strategies to better enhance children’s learning journeys through observations and discussions with educators and parents.


How to Keep Children Focused, the Brighton Montessori Way

Many visitors to Brighton Montessori often find themselves amazed to see young children concentrating fully on their tasks in class, working quietly while waiting for the teachers to give them one-on-one time. What is it about Brighton’s take on the Montessori approach that gives our children this sense of calm? Join us as we unlock the secrets to Montessori Mindfulness, and show you how you can do the same at home.

Speaker: Pauline Yong

Pauline has been in Early Childhood Education (ECE) for 10 years, starting as an apprentice to becoming a Principal today. She believes that everyone can be a successful learner, and has received various awards at her organisation: 2015 Promising Star Award – Teacher; 2016 Solitaire Award – Senior Teacher; 2017 Service Excellence Award – Vice Principal; and 2018 Promising Star Award – Principal.

As a lifelong learner, Pauline has embarked on the Master of Education programme with NIE. She firmly believes in cultivating a healthy and harmonious Centre culture, supporting children’s learning through the sharing of Teaching and Learning practices and fostering a great home-school partnership.


Primary School Prep: STEM and Its Relevance

What do we, as parents, want for our children? Times have changed with technology advancing rapidly. Join us as we learn from our resident engineer on what STEM is and how it inculcates future skills for our children.

Speaker: Sendy

Sendy (B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore) is the Team Lead for the STEM Enrichment Team in Busy Bees Singapore, and co-founded STEM enrichment - The Enrichment Ark prior to joining Busy Bees in 2018. Aside from equipping children with the knowledge of robotics and a coding foundation, Sendy has also worked with various educational institutions abroad, consulting on how to set up enrichment programmes in China and Vietnam. He believes that children have limitless potential in achieving their goals and as educators, our role is to guide them through the right path and equip them with the appropriate skills required.


28 May

  • Supporting Positive Behaviour in Children [Tricia Tam from Bright Path Inclusive Preschool]
  • Music in a Child’s Development [Eunice Gee and Shannon Goh from Pat's Schoolhouse]


Supporting Positive Behaviour in Children

In most mainstream preschools, children are grouped and placed in classes based on their chronological age. At Bright Path Inclusive Preschool, however, we have children from diverse backgrounds, needs and abilities. We believe that placing children according to their functional levels gives them the support they need and the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. Join us as Tricia, our inclusive education consultant, walks you through two strategies on how to provide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to your child regardless of the child's learning needs.

Speaker:  Tricia Tam

Tricia is the inclusive education specialist for Bright Path Inclusive Preschool and Busy Bees Asia. With a Masters in Inclusion and Special Education, she has worked with children with a range of development challenges, including Global Developmental Delay (GDD), childhood trauma and anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Selective Mutism (SM), and adolescent schizophrenia. She has been dedicated in the field of early childhood education for 15 years, and has helped develop the Personalised Education Plan (PEP) and designed the curriculum at Bright Path, with customised education materials for each individual child.


Music in a Child’s Development

Ever wondered how the elements of Music can be expressed through our daily lives? From storytelling sessions to games, let our Pat’s Schoolhouse Music Team demonstrate activities you and your child aged 18 months to 6 years can engage in!

Speakers:  Eunice Gee and Shannon Goh

Shannon and Eunice have both been with Pat’s Schoolhouse for 7 years. They are core team members of the PSH Music Team and have held various Parental-Involvement Workshops as well as External and Internal Teachers training. They strongly believe that music has an important role in a child’s development and confidence-building.

Shannon Goh, Grade 8 ABRSM Digital Piano and Music Theory qualified, holds a double major in Psychology and Human Resource Management. Her love for children and passion for music have brought her on a journey with Pat’s Schoolhouse (PSH). She also holds an Orff Schulwerk Level 2 Certification, the main methodology used in the Music Curriculum at PSH, and was awarded the Outstanding Music Curriculum Implementation Award in 2018.

Eunice Gee, who holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons), is a Music Specialist at Pat’s Schoolhouse @ Katong. Eunice is trained for Orff Schulwerk Levels 1 & 2, and also attended ANCOS (Australian National Conference of Orff Schulwerk) 2020 in Melbourne in January. She composed the Pat's Schoolhouse Jingle and is part of the HOPE production team.


29 May

  • Cook, Eat, Learn the LV Way [Puspa Thiagarajan and Wirma Asad from Learning Vision]
  • Empowering Children: When to Draw the Line and Instilling Independence in Children [Salina Samsu from Small Wonder Preschool]


Cook, Eat, Learn, the LV Way

Cook, Eat, Learn, the LV Way will let you realise that learning can be fun, fuss-free and enriching through daily food preparation, as parents discover the joys of learning with their child through cookery. Learning through cooking creates extremely meaningful experiences to help children acquire knowledge and skill such as math concepts, basic science concepts, language skills and develop different soft skills. Most importantly, the experiences of creating meals with your child can build on your child’s self-confidence and lay foundation for healthy eating habits, nurturing a strong heart and body in them.

Speakers: Puspa Thiagarajan and Wirma Asad

Puspa has three decades of experience in the early childhood education industry, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies (Hons) from Birmingham City University. She is the Principal of Learning Vision @ CET East Campus, and has worked with families across a diverse range of preschool settings. She is a fervent advocate of promoting positive family-child relationships and an ardent believer of the vital role early childhood professionals play in empowering such relationships. A frequent presenter at parenting workshops, Puspa has also actively led many projects and teams to embrace the importance of parent collaboration, and to facilitate continuity of learning and development of children between school and home.

Wirma holds a Bachelor in Education from the University of Melbourne and has a quarter of a century's experience in the early childhood education industry. She is currently Senior Principal of Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong Institution. On top of her role at Learning Vision @ Hwa Chong Institute, Wirma mentors and manages centre leaders in Learning Vision. Over the years, Wirma has been instrumental in supporting the professional development of many early childhood educators and leaders who have now assumed various leadership positions in the industry, both in Singapore and abroad. She has also consulted in projects to establish preschools overseas. A mother of three teenaged children, Wirma is known to be very relatable and open in sharing her expertise in child-rearing and educational practices.


Empowering Children: When to Draw the Line and Instilling Independence in Children

In our current context, confidence is essential. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we start to empower our children now! When our children are empowered, they will likewise learn to be independent. Let Small Wonder share some tips and insights on how to raise our children to be confident and independent individuals!

Speaker: Salina Samsu

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Salina started off as an Assistant Teacher in 1999 at Learning Vision. Over the years, her experiences have shaped her growth to eventually becoming the current principal of Small Wonder @ Nordcom II since its opening in 2018. Salina was nominated for the 2018 Outstanding Early Childhood Leader Award and Promising Early Childhood Leader Award by ECDA.


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