ArtScience Museum: Future World Exhibition

02 Nov 2017

Emma J. and Jenny R. here, we wanted to let you know about our really exciting day. Today we attended the ArtScience Museum: Future World Exhibition. We’ll give you a brief overview, so, the children have different topics throughout their academic year where they expand on their inquiry-based learning. This term the topic was ‘Light’, and they couldn’t have picked a better excursion to ignite a child’s learning. The day before the field trip, we watched the children take part in a mind mapping activity where they had to anticipate what they thought they would see in the Museum. Imaginations were spiralling, and we had a class of very excited children.  

Two classes filled with excited five-year-olds entered Pat’s Schoolhouse Buckley with anticipation for their day ahead. Before leaving for their trip, they recapped on yesterday’s previous mind mapping activity and reiterated things they thought they would see- it’s a common occurrence within the classroom that everything starts and ends with a question, so the children are continuously thinking and expanding on their knowledge. 

From the moment we entered the Light expedition, every area was filled with an interactive learning opportunity. We were led straight into a room where we gathered on the floor, and by using lights alone, we were taken on what can only be described as a roller-coaster through a surreal world led by our imagination. It felt as if the floor had been moving beneath us, resulting in extremely dizzy spells and children unable to walk in a straight line. 

Farther into the exhibition there was a scanner that children were able to scan their work on, and it would appear on a big interactive display board that bought their drawings to life. They had to be careful that the monster wouldn’t wipe out the city otherwise they would need to start all over again. It was all touchscreen too, so they could see houses, cars, trucks, and people and make them bigger and bigger until they are almost lifelike. A credible activity for children to thoroughly understand the concept of art and science combined.  

Before the end of the day, the children were able to make their Cyanotype. This is where children could make chemicals that they needed to put onto a piece of card, choose a drawing for the background before placing it onto an LED light which would copy the photo onto the paper. The children were fascinated and remained engaged throughout the activity; they were especially excited when they were able to take their work home. We also made our Cyanotype and thought we were just as excited as the children were.

The field trip allowed the children to use their imagination and embedded skills to collaborate what they already know and what more they wanted to find out. We all had so much fun, and very sleepy children on the way home. An incredible experience that we both struggled to put into words. We hope the video gives you an insight on how amazing it was. 

(Right: Emma J with Pat's Kid at ArtScience Museum)