Happy birthday, Holly!

15 Nov 2017

Hello! I’m Holly and I’m a Qualified Early Years Educator from Kettering Venture Park. I’ve been with Busy Bees for 5 years. During that time, I’ve gone from not being a very confident practitioner to doing my NVQ 2 in Team Leadership, and being able to lead in the absence of a senior and having the faith in myself to apply and be successful in coming on to this amazing trip to Singapore.

Our time is nearly up here and what an amazing experience we’ve all had! I have experienced a lot on both a professional level and a personal level. Whilst here I have thrown myself out of my comfort zone, whether it’s going to Head Office and experiencing “Office Life” for the first time (which isn’t usually part of my job), to having my feet eaten by fish in KL, to spending time with the group of UK seniors and managers, which turned out to be the biggest confidence boost I could possibly have had. I’ve had to share my view points with them during meal times in the evening which I’ve really enjoyed and I have not felt that there is a difference in our job roles. It’s also helped me realise my voice is just as important as theirs and not be afraid to hold back when I’ve gotten homesick or when I haven’t agreed with them on some subjects, or to share some amazing practice and experiences with them. I have also had the pleasure of sharing fabulous days and experiences with the group too.

I’ve really loved being in setting at Pat’s Schoolhouse at The Grassroots' Club. Elsie and Raisah at the setting have been fundamental in what I’ve learnt there. I’ve loved being in Nursery (which is 3-4-year olds). There was an initial shock in the difference in teaching styles but as I’ve stayed with the class the more I’ve seen the benefits, which I will be taking back to the UK with me along with many activity ideas.

I’ve also gained a bond with a couple of the children which I think will stay with me for a very long time. I think that all three of us (Kirsty, Hannah and I) arrived at the setting as guests but have now left with many friends.

Whilst here I celebrated my 30th Birthday, which at times has made me emotional, because I’m not used to being made a huge fuss out of, it’s made me really appreciate the bond our group has gained throughout this experience; I really couldn’t have imagined experiencing Singapore and KL with anyone else. On my 30th we went to the top of the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands which had the most stunning view. I then got very spoilt by the girls with the presents I got, they noticed the little things I liked such as Lego, Star Wars and books, which really touched me. My setting also got me a birthday cake, and sang Happy Birthday to me in Chinese and English which was lovely.

I have loved every minute of this experience. I arrived with a combination of excitement and nervousness; I’m leaving with more knowledge, confidence, and memories that will last a lifetime.