Busy Bees India commenced operations in 2015, and draws on its long experience in the early childhood education sector in Europe and Asia. Our primary focus in India is:

Busy Bees is committed to the professionalisation of the ECE industry, which means investing in people and providing pathways for them to secure tertiary education qualifications in the ECE field. The key driver of the Busy Bees operation in India will be the provision of high quality teacher education through the Asian International College-India (AIC-I), drawing on the considerable strengths of the Asian International College  in Singapore and the Busy Bees Early Years Training Academy in the UK.

AIC-I caters to a market that is high demand and price-sensitive, offering Certificate to Diploma programmes that are flexible in delivery, innovative in design and, most importantly, affordable for a practitioner or aspiring ECE professional. A fully digitised curriculum can be offered completely online; face-to-face; or some combination thereof, harnessing the power of web-based applications to create authentic learning environments that truly prepare learners for life as ECE professionals.

Programmes offered include:

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Modules from certificate and diploma programmes are offered to individuals and corporate clients as short professional development courses. These courses are offered completely online over a 2-week period, and in the form of more intensive 1-2 day face-to-face workshops such as:

  • Creating Fun Movements for Preschoolers
  • Developing Responsive Routines and Transitions in Young Children
  • Effective Leadership in Preschools
  • Empowering Children to Read, Play and Learn
  • Fun with Literacy
  • Multiculturalism in the Classroom
  • Positive Behaviour Management
  • Sustainable Innovative Curriculum in Preschool Years

A combination of courses can also be packaged (e.g. 3 courses over 12 weeks) as executive or professional certificates.

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Leveraging its intellectual capital, Busy Bees provides consultancy services to new and existing ECE businesses in India with expert advice based upon the five pillars of a world-class ECE business:

  1. Programmes focuses on delivery and management (the supply of curriculum would be at additional cost)
  2. Process concentrates on operations (e.g. health and safety, centre administration, crisis management)
  3. People is about talent management, recruitment, development and retention
  4. Customers looks at marketing and communications, and the management of customer satisfaction
  5. Finance looks at business planning and financial management, key metrics and performance

Each ‘pillar’ can be taken individually and priced accordingly, or altogether at a discounted price.

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Busy Bees India will be running its own centres across the country through acquisition and organic growth, and in conjunction with joint venture partners. We will do this in a culturally sensitive manner while applying the same quality standards developed and maintained over more than three decades.

The Busy Bees learning environment is safe and secure, well-resourced, and staffed by dedicated and enthusiastic individuals with a never-ending commitment to children, who are passionate about shaping a future generation.

Busy Bees India will always be owner-operated and does not franchise.

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